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We believe in building long-lasting relationships with our clients by showing our commitment to 100% satisfaction.

At Executive Corporate Living, we strive to make your stay in Atlanta as stress-free as possible. We’ve been providing corporate housing and corporate apartments, in Atlanta for over 25 years, so we have the experience and knowledge you want! We are detailed oriented and truly care about our clientele’s corporate housing experience. Whether you are coming to Atlanta for a temporary work assignment, corporate move, government housing, film production, insurance situation, or are a HR professional, we can take care of you and your companies corporate housing needs!

Let us know where you want to live, the length of lease term you hope to have, approximate budget, and let us take care of the rest!

We Provide Excellence

— Direct access for concerns or help, even after hours

— all needs and requests will be accommodated

— Stress-free convenient corporate living solutions

— relevant, up-to-date furniture, electronics and housewares

— flexible lease options

ideal locations in Atlanta and suburbs

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Additional resources are available for clients in search of housing outside of Georgia.



The factors involved

How to Get Started

  1. Find a well-established local company

    — When searching for temporary housing, you'll get better service and lower rates when dealing locally. Look for companies that answer the phone when you call and promptly reply to emails.

  2. Decide where you’d like to live

    — Consider drive time and traffic for your daily commute. Do you like a garden style community, or do you prefer a mid or high-rise, with elevator access?  Decide what’s important to you – apartment access, view, rate, square footage, location, or style.

  3. Set a budget

    — Corporate apartment rates vary according to area, length of lease term, apartment size, and scale of property. One bedroom / bathroom corporate apartment rates in the Atlanta suburbs typically start at $2,500 per month. Consider what is most important to you (budget, location, apartment size, floor level, view, MARTA access, moderate or upscale) and express that to your corporate housing provider.

  4. Sales tax may apply

    — If your stay is less than 91 days, sales tax will be added to the amount of your rent. The amount varies by county, but is typically 7 – 8% in the Atlanta area.

  5. Expect applications and a background screen

    — Corporate housing providers follow a similar screening process as apartment communities. Expect a credit check and a criminal background screen as part of the approval process. If you have credit or other issues, ask about specific criteria and requirements.

  6. Ask for pictures

    — It’s always a good to have an idea of what to expect regarding your apartment furnishings. Ask for pictures of furnishings, look at the property website, and ask for the specific floor plan and view.

  7. Confirm your reservation

    — Know your apartment number and actual address. Some companies will promise short-term apartments based on expected availability. If the agent can’t provide you with your apartment number, you may find yourself without a place to stay.

  8. Know and abide by pet restrictions

    — Rules about pets vary by property, but they all have “no aggressive breeds” policies and most have restrictions and limitations on pet weight. Nonrefundable pet fees, deposits, and monthly pet rent will apply according to pet weight. Two pets per apartment is the maximum.

  9. Purchase renter's insurance

    — It’s fairly inexpensive and a simple addition to your homeowner’s policy.

  10. Verify your lease

    — Your corporate apartment lease will itemize everything that will be included, as well as your rent amount, utility caps, and the lease term agreed to.


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