10 Steps to Locating Corporate Housing In Atlanta

  1. Find a well-established company that knows the area. When searching for temporary housing in Atlanta, you'll get better service and lower rates when dealing locally. You want someone you can trust to be responsive to your calls or emails and take care of your needs quickly and efficiently.
  2. Decide where you want to live. A big factor here is how much drive time is acceptable for your commute each day. Traffic is an important consideration when choosing corporate housing in Atlanta! You'll want to talk to an experienced guide about the areas that best suit your personality and lifestyle, particularly if you'd eventually like to purchase a home.
  3. Set a budget. When you're selecting short term apartments, rates will be lower in the suburbs of Atlanta and higher in the city. Remember that the base rents listed on property websites may not include utilities, short term fees, washer/dryer facilities, etc. Corporate apartment rental rates are all-inclusive, and start at approximately $2,000 per month for a one bedroom/one bath unit.
  4. Don't forget to include sales tax. If your stay is less than 91 days, sales tax will be added to the amount of your rent. The amount varies by county, but is typically 7 – 8% in the Atlanta area. This is not a profit center; it is a state tax requirement.
  5. Expect applications and a background screen. Corporate housing providers follow a similar screening process as apartment communities. More and more properties are running criminal background screens as part of their approval process, so don't be surprised if you are asked to agree to such a screen as part of qualifying for a corporate apartment.
  6. Ask for pictures. It is always a good idea to have an idea of how your furnished apartment looks and what furniture is provided, so ask for pictures along with property information and a floor plan.
  7. Confirm your reservation. Always be sure you have an address and an apartment number. Some companies will promise short term apartments based on expected, rather than actual, notices. If the agent can't give you your apartment number, you may find yourself with nowhere to stay at the last minute!
  8. Know and abide by pet restrictions. Rules about pets vary by property, but most have a "no aggressive breed" policy and most will only accept pets weighing less than 25 pounds. Some properties will allow larger dogs, but this will narrow your choices. Be sure to add pet deposits (refundable) and fees (nonrefundable) to your overall budget.
  9. Purchase renter's insurance. Reputable corporate housing companies have liability insurance and hold coverage for their furnishings, housewares and electronics, but your personal items are not protected. You will need renter's insurance for your personal belongings while in temporary housing. It is a fairly inexpensive and simple addition to your homeowner's policy.
  10. Verify your lease. Your corporate apartment lease should itemize everything that is included. Look for: furniture, housewares, linens, all utilities, TV, microwave, DVD, washer/dryer, cable, phone and high speed internet service. If utilities are included, ask if there is a cap on usage that could result in additional fees. Be sure you know everything you should receive for your rental fees.

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