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▼ Who Should Use Corporate Apartments?

Any time your employees are in a new city for a month or more, a corporate apartment is a comfortable, convenient and cost effective housing alternative to an extended stay hotel.

There are many situations when corporate rentals in Atlanta, Georgia are more economical than a hotel stay:

Visiting Executives – Make sure your corporate executives are comfortable when they visit other offices for extended periods of time. Corporate apartments are more comfortable and make a better impression than hotel rooms.
Interns – Why should your interns spend the summer living out of a suitcase when they could relax in a furnished corporate apartment? Your company will spend less on housing rental than you would with a hotel room.
Trainees – If you have people in Atlanta for 30 days or more, consider housing them in a corporate apartment rental. A furnished apartment is more welcoming and comfortable than a hotel. You can switch out groups of people over the course of your lease.
Relocating individuals or families – When new employees move to Georgia, they often like to take a few months to decide on an area and select the perfect house. Furnished corporate housing gives them that flexibility. Dishes in the cupboards, linens in the closets and even snacks in the pantry help make Atlanta feel like home even before the unpacking begins.

Executive Corporate Living is the best source for short term apartment rentals in Atlanta, Georgia. We provide modern, fully furnished corporate apartments in convenient locations throughout the metro area. We have extremely flexible lease terms and accept credit card payments as well as corporate billing. Let us solve your short term apartment rental issues with a furnished corporate apartment in Atlanta.

▼ What areas of Atlanta do you service?

We maintain outstanding temporary furnished apartments in corporate hotspots such as Buckhead and Midtown. However, if you are not a fan of city life, don't worry - we also have several great corporate apartments in the quiet suburbs surrounding Atlanta - including Duluth, Marietta, Vinings, Alpharetta, and more…

…and we also work hard to accommodate you. Relocating (or a temporary assignment) should be as stress-free as possible. We will arrange your lease to suit whatever lease term you need (monthly or in segments of 2-12 months); help you choose the best location for your needs; and make sure you're settled in.

▼ Do I need to bring anything besides my personal belongings and groceries?

We've furnished your corporate apartment with only the best, and provide you with everything you need to get you started (we even go as far to make sure you have garbage bags and such - you needn't worry about a thing) with your life in Atlanta.

▼ Who is corporate housing generally for?

Corporate housing is helpful to anyone looking for temporary housing for a month or more. Whether you are a corporation, a traveling executive, consultant, government employee, or a relocating family, we offer you comfortable housing at a reasonable rate.

▼ Why should I choose Executive Corporate Living?

Atlanta is a booming city with thousands of possibilities, and we want you to have every advantage. Our fully-furnished corporate apartments will give you the feeling of being home, making your stay pleasant and trouble-free.

We have over 20 years of corporate housing and corporate apartment experience, and we are dedicated to making your stay a safe and easy one. Please contact us and see how we can help you.

Oh - and welcome to Atlanta!

▼ I see the terms "Corporate Housing" and "Corporate Apartment" (amongst others) used on your website. Is there a difference?

No, there isn't. We simply use these different terms to describe our corporate apartments because people seem to use them interchangeably on an equal basis. Some call them corporate apartments, others call them corporate housing. Still others might even call them "corporate apartments", "fully furnished corporate housing", "temporary corporate housing", "long term corporate housing", etc, etc…

Rest assured, they all mean the same thing. No matter what you call them, our temporary furnished corporate apartments are a great, temporary place for you to stay while you're in Atlanta.

▼ Our company will have several executives traveling to Atlanta over time, and we'll need to continually rent temporary furnished apartments. Can you handle corporate accounts?

Absolutely. We can satisfy the ongoing temporary housing needs of an entire company just as easily as we can satisfy one person coming, one time. No account is too small, and no account is too large.

▼ How long are your lease terms?

All of our furnished corporate apartments have flexible lease terms - One month, three months, six months, and one year.

▼ Are your corporate apartments clean and up to date?

Oh yes - comfortable and immaculate are indeed accurate descriptions for our corporate apartments. In simple terms, you'll find our furnished corporate housing a true "home away from home".

▼ One thing I hate about travel is I always forget something. Can you help?

We start you out with just about everything you'll need. Even things like coffee and filters, snacks, toiletries, and cleaning supplies (although you certainly won't need to clean anything right away.)

▼ Can I pay with my credit card? How about billing my company?

Either is fine.

▼ I really like to work out and swim. Is there a corporate apartment for rent that has access to these things?

Yes. In fact, most of our temporary corporate apartments have access to a pool and fitness center.

▼ Are your corporate apartments in safe areas?

Absolutely! In fact, much of our available corporate housing resides in gated communities.

▼ I will be working in Atlanta, but don't really like city life. Are there corporate apartments for rent in the Atlanta suburbs?

Sure. We service the entire Metro Atlanta and the surrounding area. We can provide you with a corporate apartment almost anywhere you wish - suburbs, in the middle of the Atlanta metro area, or somewhere in between.

▼ How big are your corporate apartments?

We have corporate apartments for rent in varying sizes - suffice to say, it's a given we will have the configuration you need.

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